Small Group clinics:

Small Group clinics consist of 4-6 players per group for maximum focus on the individual. We work purely on technique and some speed and agility. Players will participate in the following exercises in order to improve their technique: 

* Individual 1 player 1 ball exercises

* 1v1 and 2v2 exercises

* Dribbling, deception, and beating the opponent

* 2 v 1 passing combinations

* Shooting exercises

* Speed and agility exercises

* Controlling the ball out of the air

* Small sided scrimmages

As well as technique we focus on improving the players decision making skills. We try to get the players to understand when to use a certain technique for the right situation.  

Our main focus is to improve our players speed, deceptive abilities when beating opponents, touch and control, and decision making skills.

When you attend a GRSA Summer camp you get everything you would get in a small group clinic. The only difference between a Grass Roots Soccer Academy Summer Camp and a Summer Clinic is that you are in a larger group and you have 3 hours a day for 5 days rather than 2 hours a day for four days.

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phone: 773.366.0708

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About Us

Grass Roots Soccer Academy prides itself on its focus and commitment to improving the soccer player’s technical ability with an emphasis on individual skill development and small sided play.

GRSA strives to create an intense and competitive working environment for players of all levels and abilities from the ages of 6-18 through positive and repetitive coaching methods. Our goal is to develop creative, confident, and smart soccer players in a fun and safe environment.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Grass Roots Soccer Academy are lead by CEO and Director of coaching Daniel Cross.

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